August 30, 2010

Tucson Visits ADGA National Show

Tucson traveled to the ADGA National Show in Louisville KY. back in June with several highlights for Tucson.Tucson was privileged to join in a group photo of groundbreaking National Show history, having her photo taken by Steve Pope Photography. She excitedly joined the group of Nigerian Dwarf breeders who have officially made National Show sanction in 2010 and are now incorporated in and a part of the National Show Breeds to be shown at the ADGA National Shows from this time forward. How exciting Tucson! Being photographed in a piece of ADGA history in the making!

Another fun moment was a few minutes spent laughing with ADGA’s 2009-2010 Youth Representative Hannah Larson and Alternate Youth Representative Bethany Parker.

Is Tucson giving little sly goat kisses?

It looks like Tucson caught up with Evin Evans who was hard at work as show secretary for one of the rings.

Now “seriously” Tucson! You really don’t expect you can help in such an important job as Show Secretary! I’m afraid you’d be tempted to eat the paperwork! You had better move it along little sister.

Tucson found her way over to the beautiful hand made stoneware of Buck Run Pottery who provided this year’s National Trophies.

Don and Lee Jackson

TUCSON! You are aware of the rule “You break it, you buy it” Its always something with a goat.

Tucson continued along and found ADGA’s faithful Sally Hitchner, who’s successfully coordinated ADGA’s fundraising for years along with her friend and helper, Nola Reynolds. Great Job ladies!“Don’t look now, but it appears you have a goat climbing on your National T-shirts” Show a goat a clean T-shirt and well…..

When Tucson saw Marjorie and Earl Kitchen’s gift table with so many of Tucson’s kindred spirits, there was no stopping her!

Tucson caught up with Patrick Page-Sutter, a true artist, who specializes in Contemporary goat sculptures. It was hard to pull Tucson away as she gawked and marveled looking on at her superiors all around her in the photos. And then there was the awesome scale she actually stayed off of for once WHEWWWW!

Tucson jumped into Marshall Losey’s hands in an effort to get into the Wine and Cheese party.
A gallant try Tucson.

Awwwwwww success at last! Caroline Lawson has a ticket for you Tucson to get in. Now behave yourself! Thank you Caroline and “Good luck!” I’m afraid you’ll need it.

I see the festivities have begun. Party on Tucson!

Well…From the look on Tucson’s face I’d say she’s been partying on a little to much. Party and Tucson at the same time, this could get interesting…

OH MY! Now the chocolate fountain! This can’t end good

Sure enough, it looks like Tucson jumped up on the Nubian Premier Youth Exhibitor Awards chair that INBA donated. Tucson I sure hope you didn’t have chocolate on your little hoofs!

OK now this is a little unnerving seeing you up on the table with all that awards pottery at a Wine and Cheese party, which you’ve freely indulged in as well as a visit to the chocolate fountain. Yikes!

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  1. Hello, how might we obtain permission to print in our newsletter the photograph of the ND breeders at the 2010 ADGA Nationals? Thank you!