January 11, 2010

Tucson at Niagra Falls touring with Marshall and Trudy Losey. This is Tucson’s calm and serene moment just before she got a taste of international travel.

Tucson gone crazy! Her first outing and she goes wild and crazy, hanging on the edge of excitement! Hanging on by a leg. Her life, hanging in the balance! Hang on Tucson! Stay tuned for more cliff “hangers”.
She hasn’t seen water like this since the hose was left on back at the farm in Arizona.

Tucson arrived safely in NY and is standing proud on SADGA’s display table, ready to begin her duties as the traveling representative for the ADGA 2010 Convention.

This is Tucson’s completion. Seen standing here for her first photo shoot in Marana, Arizona.

Tucson flew out with Elizabeth Henning for the ADGA Convention, which was held in Buffalo NY in 2009, beginning her journey across America and beyond.

These will be the adventures of SADGA’s traveling representative for the 2010 ADGA Convention, being held in Tucson, Arizona, hosted by SADGA.

Join the fun in following Tucson as she blazes her trail to follow the painted goat to the 2010 ADGA Convention, Oct. 15th thru Oct. 23rd.

January 10, 2010

The creation of SADGA's traveling goat, October 8th, 2009
"Tucson" is her given name. Her tail is real hair from a goat.