March 29, 2010

Tucson being a desert goat, that when she saw the snow and the mountians it made, she just had to play king of the mountain on a snow bank just her size.

Maine Coast

Dorothy! We’re not in Arizona any more! A desert goat engulfed by ocean!
Tucson apparently begged Jennifer to see the Maine Coast before she made a quick trip back to Arizona for her fractured back leg from all the good times. In Tucson’s back yard is Mexico’s Rocky Point but the beauty of the Maine Coast and the joy of playing on the rocks at Goose Rocks Beach in Biddeford Maine will be hard to top! A goat’s paradise to climb on these rocks!

LL BEAN Flagship Store

Here is Tucson on a trip to the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport, ME. Tucson is pictured here with the 90th anniversary boot. Wow, that’s a boot! As tall as the building it’s self!
Any self-respecting goat would just have to have a go at climbing such a breathtaking challenge. After all, it’s the job of every goat everywhere, to step on feet and boots. To be presented an opportunity of such magnitude and jump on a boot of this stupendous portion is more then any goat could resist.
As Tucson took a stroll inside the store, right on down to climbing in and checking out the kyak made right in ME, the folks at LL BEAN told Tucson how honored they were to be part of the Tucson’s National tour! She must have had special privlidges to cimb in the kyak!

Farm and Forest Expo

Tucson had a quick stop at the table to “hang with the Pres.”, President Mary Fox that is, of NHDGA.
This was a great day for Tucson, attending the Farm and Forest Expo, in Manchester, NH. There was the ADGA Dist. I meeting along with an educational seminar presented by Dr. Sandra Ayers of Tufts University.

Here Tucson is beaming from ear to tail, being held by Bethany Parker, ADGA 2009 Alternative Youth Representative and goat lover.

HMDGA meeting

Tucson was given the honor to attend The Heart of Maine Dairy Goat Association’s meeting and was given a special spot on their table for their official meeting. Tucson apparently was well behaved, didn’t snatch and sample any important papers and looked to have kept a diligent ear of attention, leaving no messes. Good going Tucson and thank you Heart of Maine Dairy Goat Association!

Here Tucson is pictured with HMDGA members and their very special Russian made plate that was given by an ADGA member who resides in Russia. The plate is taken to all their meetings, demonstrating such love and honor for that gift. Such a fun moment!

March 8, 2010

Havelock, NC

“Tucson soaking up the attention with a few ADGA district directors, Way to go Tucson.”
Tucson is pictured here at the home of Rusty and June Bryan in Havelock, NC.
Pictured left to right;
Director Emeritius Bob Cassette, District V Director Lisa Johnson (a friend of Tucson and adventure buddy), District III Director June Bryan, Rusty Bryan, District I Director Phil Cassette and District I Director Jennifer Mellett (another personal friend of Tucson and adventure buddy).

Tucson in North Carolina

"OH look, it's a goat and a boat! But not a goat in the boat"
January 17th, 2010
Tucson traveled with Lisa Johnson to North Carolina. While she was there, Lisa took Tucson for a brief visit to Gulden Creek, NC. It looks like Tucson hung out and enjoyed her time in the sun at the creek.