May 4, 2010

Tucson strutted right into the ADGA office to personally meet the ADGA Executive Officers. Quite impressive Tucson!
Tucson confidently stood with ADGA Officers

from L to R;Shirley McKenzie (Association Manager) Phil Cassette (1st Vice President) Robin Saum (President) Jennifer Mellett (Member at large) Linda Campbell (2nd Vice President)

Tucson continued marching on right into their EC meeting as if she belonged there. And after all, Tucson should feel right at home there, being the traveling mascot to boldly proclaim the upcoming ADGA Convention!

Seated in the meeting from L to R as Tucson audaciously listened in; ADGA President Robin Saum, - Member at Large, Jennifer Mellett, - Association Manager, Shirley McKenzie, - Second Vice President, Linda Campbell, - First Vice President, Philip Cassette

Tucson is seen here having fun with Kit Nevin, ADGA Information System Manager as Shirley joined in.
Tucson being the goat that she is appears that her goat antics could not be contained as the laughter and fun broke out. Goats having no self-control, appears to have jumped up on the projector in the excitement of it all. No excuses Tucson that you needed a better view. We know you’re just a goat and that goats need no excuse to climb up or into whatever is available.