September 21, 2010

Soul Mates

Tucson had a wonderful visit in Florida with Elise Johnson. Tucson discovered during her visit in FL. that she had kindred spirits! It was obvious that it must have been hard for Elise to pull Tucson away from her new found cousins, a horse of another color.
Thanks for the lift brother. Awesome view dude!
I see it too! Cool!!!
Tucson is posed here for a family portrait at her family reunion.
"Quite stunning Tucson!"

August 30, 2010

Tucson In Alaska

Tucson left the Nationals with Laura Manary and flew off to Palmer Alaska.

Alaska Pipeline
So much to climb and so little time!
And they say everything is bigger in Texas!
From the National Show in KY to a show in Fairbanks AK! Woohoo Tucson!
Although, Tucson you have that certain look of mischief brewing.
Sure enough, looks like you were caught wondering around.
I suppose you’re going to say you’re just hanging around, staying out of trouble. Well it looks like that’s half right.

Tucson Visits ADGA National Show

Tucson traveled to the ADGA National Show in Louisville KY. back in June with several highlights for Tucson.Tucson was privileged to join in a group photo of groundbreaking National Show history, having her photo taken by Steve Pope Photography. She excitedly joined the group of Nigerian Dwarf breeders who have officially made National Show sanction in 2010 and are now incorporated in and a part of the National Show Breeds to be shown at the ADGA National Shows from this time forward. How exciting Tucson! Being photographed in a piece of ADGA history in the making!

Another fun moment was a few minutes spent laughing with ADGA’s 2009-2010 Youth Representative Hannah Larson and Alternate Youth Representative Bethany Parker.

Is Tucson giving little sly goat kisses?

It looks like Tucson caught up with Evin Evans who was hard at work as show secretary for one of the rings.

Now “seriously” Tucson! You really don’t expect you can help in such an important job as Show Secretary! I’m afraid you’d be tempted to eat the paperwork! You had better move it along little sister.

Tucson found her way over to the beautiful hand made stoneware of Buck Run Pottery who provided this year’s National Trophies.

Don and Lee Jackson

TUCSON! You are aware of the rule “You break it, you buy it” Its always something with a goat.

Tucson continued along and found ADGA’s faithful Sally Hitchner, who’s successfully coordinated ADGA’s fundraising for years along with her friend and helper, Nola Reynolds. Great Job ladies!“Don’t look now, but it appears you have a goat climbing on your National T-shirts” Show a goat a clean T-shirt and well…..

When Tucson saw Marjorie and Earl Kitchen’s gift table with so many of Tucson’s kindred spirits, there was no stopping her!

Tucson caught up with Patrick Page-Sutter, a true artist, who specializes in Contemporary goat sculptures. It was hard to pull Tucson away as she gawked and marveled looking on at her superiors all around her in the photos. And then there was the awesome scale she actually stayed off of for once WHEWWWW!

Tucson jumped into Marshall Losey’s hands in an effort to get into the Wine and Cheese party.
A gallant try Tucson.

Awwwwwww success at last! Caroline Lawson has a ticket for you Tucson to get in. Now behave yourself! Thank you Caroline and “Good luck!” I’m afraid you’ll need it.

I see the festivities have begun. Party on Tucson!

Well…From the look on Tucson’s face I’d say she’s been partying on a little to much. Party and Tucson at the same time, this could get interesting…

OH MY! Now the chocolate fountain! This can’t end good

Sure enough, it looks like Tucson jumped up on the Nubian Premier Youth Exhibitor Awards chair that INBA donated. Tucson I sure hope you didn’t have chocolate on your little hoofs!

OK now this is a little unnerving seeing you up on the table with all that awards pottery at a Wine and Cheese party, which you’ve freely indulged in as well as a visit to the chocolate fountain. Yikes!

August 19, 2010

The Start of Tucson's Trail

Tucson left the 2009 ADGA National Convention in Buffalo NY with Lisa Johnson, who it seems, became quite the traveling companion and adventure seeker with Tucson. Right down Tucson’s trail! Pictured here is Tucson the first week of November at the PBR Finals in Las Vegas, NV.

This is close enough!!! And I am not staying for the goat roping, thank you very much!

Oh my! Off to a family wedding over Thanksgiving weekend in Ponce, Puerto Rico! Good thing Tucson had her passport. How privileged was Tucson to make a trail outside the US and taken along to a family wedding? She was feeling pretty special soaking up the sun in Puerto Rico.

So Tucson, now what? OH, you’re going to DISNEY LAND? Or was that DISNEY WORLD? It looks to be a blur of fun and excitement Tucson!
Tucson went not only to DISNEY LAND in CA but also to DISNEY WORLD in FL with Lisa. How jealous are we! WOOHOO Tucson! She hasn’t had this much fun since the gate was left open on the farm.

“Hey Tucson, it looks like Mickey has his tail hooked on you! Or is that you hooked on him?”
“Oh, and now I see you are singing with the carolers? Typical Nubian to vocally chime in I see.”

Why Tucson! A casting agency? Movies? Films? We think you’re special but seriously!
Yes Tucson, those of us following you are very excited to see the special spots (Epcot Center, FL.) you stop at on your journeys. Thank you for taking the time to pose for us. And yes, we wish we were there.

Its good to see you mingling
with everyone around you,
spreading your fun of just
who you are!

Go Tucson!

Window shopping Tucson?

"Awwww Tucson! How fitting to have chosen Grumpy and Dopey to pose with.
Grumpy, who needs the cheer of Snow White, which you give eagerly, and Dopey who’s the youngest, sweetest, and silliest of the seven dwarfs and perfectly fitting to who you are. "

"Tucson! Are we seeing right? Is that you indulging in apples and bananas with a splash of lemon?! Typical goat! Have fun!"

“OH OH Tucson, Did you get busted by the DISNEY crew? By the look on your face you are sweet talking your way out of your mischievous ways. Let us guess, you used the line; I’m only a goat and it’s what we do.”

"OK, we’re guessing you are out after dark and hiding that fact you snuck out past you’re bed time. But from the look of it, most all of us would be out after dark too. No need to hide Tucson, we totally understand. "
And as they say; saving the best until last, Tucson’s traveling companion and friend, on this marvelous first step of her trail to Tucson AZ., is none other then Lisa Johnson seen here with Tucson!

May 4, 2010

Tucson strutted right into the ADGA office to personally meet the ADGA Executive Officers. Quite impressive Tucson!
Tucson confidently stood with ADGA Officers

from L to R;Shirley McKenzie (Association Manager) Phil Cassette (1st Vice President) Robin Saum (President) Jennifer Mellett (Member at large) Linda Campbell (2nd Vice President)

Tucson continued marching on right into their EC meeting as if she belonged there. And after all, Tucson should feel right at home there, being the traveling mascot to boldly proclaim the upcoming ADGA Convention!

Seated in the meeting from L to R as Tucson audaciously listened in; ADGA President Robin Saum, - Member at Large, Jennifer Mellett, - Association Manager, Shirley McKenzie, - Second Vice President, Linda Campbell, - First Vice President, Philip Cassette

Tucson is seen here having fun with Kit Nevin, ADGA Information System Manager as Shirley joined in.
Tucson being the goat that she is appears that her goat antics could not be contained as the laughter and fun broke out. Goats having no self-control, appears to have jumped up on the projector in the excitement of it all. No excuses Tucson that you needed a better view. We know you’re just a goat and that goats need no excuse to climb up or into whatever is available.

April 11, 2010


A piece of Tucson’s beauty is the majestic saguaros that are world famous and seen in countless movies made right here in Tucson Arizona at Old Tucson Studios.The unique beauty of the Arizona southwest desert can be awe inspiring and certainly memorable. Tucson hopes to see you here in October for the ADGA Convention and enjoying these scenic views for yourselves up close and in person.