March 29, 2010

LL BEAN Flagship Store

Here is Tucson on a trip to the LL Bean flagship store in Freeport, ME. Tucson is pictured here with the 90th anniversary boot. Wow, that’s a boot! As tall as the building it’s self!
Any self-respecting goat would just have to have a go at climbing such a breathtaking challenge. After all, it’s the job of every goat everywhere, to step on feet and boots. To be presented an opportunity of such magnitude and jump on a boot of this stupendous portion is more then any goat could resist.
As Tucson took a stroll inside the store, right on down to climbing in and checking out the kyak made right in ME, the folks at LL BEAN told Tucson how honored they were to be part of the Tucson’s National tour! She must have had special privlidges to cimb in the kyak!

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